Sunday, May 15, 2011

Growing Wings

She thought he was perfect,
He made her laugh, he made her strong,
He made her happy, he made her feel safe,
He made her.
But slowly she learned that bit by bit he had torn her apart,
He broke her until she was nothing,
She turned to jelly, and he left her in pieces.

Slowly over time she strengthen to the form of dough,
Gradually her surroundings helped her mould into a shadow of her former self,
She would be anything they wanted, because she no longer knew who else to be.

Then he came, he was different,
He taught her how to be brave, and when she thought she couldn’t do something he showed her that she could,
He made her wise, he encouraged her,
He may not always catch her when she fell, but he always helped her up when she did,
Before she knew it she was something again, she was someone.

He taught her that we can’t always hold our most precious things close to our heart, but she knew if these precious things remain in our heart then they are always with us.
Sometimes our most beautiful worthwhile lessons come in the most heart aching-filled ways.
But if you can walk away a little better, wiser, or even stronger, then not all is lost.

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