Friday, March 23, 2012

I Got Lost To Find My Way.....

I've worked my days away for what?
For someone to say well done?
For someone to say good job!?
Well its not for me!
Don't need no-one to hold my hand,
Through this quest of life, to tell me if I'm wrong,
Or begrudge me if I'm right!

Don't get me wrong at all, my friends,
Your knowledge is in my head,
But these stories are far too long but intriguing, my friends.
But why don't you piece what you can say?
That thing at the back of your mind,
That thing that is hacking away,
Every day and every night.

I got lost to find my way,
Still I'm standing in the dark,
With one hand holding on to night and one to day.

Its all to do with what you need,
And being what you want,
Leave it on your desk,
Just don't leave it on your bag.
I've got the view to get me home,
And the means to get me there,
It's the fire in my soul, and a lighter in my hand.
I desecrate what I've been told:
To listen to myself,
I'm the one and only girl who can make me who I am.

You tossed a coin to pick my path,
To even out my odds,
Two faced that leaves me blind,
So you can leave me in the cold.

Smooth walking: take my time to reach the canyon,
Smooth talking: the only thing that slows me down from fast thinking,
To the day I missed the way, I was fire!
Move closer: nothing matters when you're out,
You're not nothing until you let your feelings go,
That tight fisted no expression face you have,
It won't work!

I got lost to find my way,
Still I'm standing in the dark,
With the one hand holding on to night
And one to day.

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