Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How We Become Who We Are

I heard the nicest story today. It was told by native Americans of the Cheokee tribe:
A child asked his Grandfather how we become who we are in the future, and this is how the story went.

Grandfather- "When we are born a great fight begins within each of us. It is between two wolves. The first wolf is filled with greed, anger, gulit, sorrow, evil, and ego. The second wolf is filled with love, hope, good, joy, will, truth, and faith."
The little boy then asked his Grandfather, "Who wins this fight?". The Grandfather simply replied: "The one you feed".

I thought this was a beautiful message to portray to a child. Everyone is born with good, and bad. It is we ourselves who decide our fate. There really is no pre-decision on who will be, good or bad, we decide this ourselves. It's up to us which wolf we decide to feed.

Which wolf do you feed?

There is a difference between bad people, and people who make bad decisions...


  1. I think for awhile I was feeding the angry wolf, but now most of the time I feed the good wolf :)

  2. i think i allow both, but im happy with that. mixed emotions! its human in my opinion!