Monday, January 31, 2011


After watching a TV show today I started thinking about all these mind games people play when dating, and in relationships. Things like 'I'll wait three days before contacting him/her' after a good date, or 'I'll play hard-to-get'!

I started thinking how mind games have absolutely no benefit to a relationship, and eventually in the end will destroy it. Leaving someone waiting is manipulation of someones emotions, and is a sign of a hypocrite. They wish to get closer, and see you again, but they make you wait. Mind games can also be lack in self-confidence because they are not willing to take a chance as themself, they need games to get by.

Who decides on the 'rules' for these games anyway?... When games often blow up in peoples faces they say "Don't hate the player, hate the game", or "Don't play games with someone who makes the rules"!

When did honesty and trust loose their places as priority in dating, and relationships? Getting to know someone can be hard enough without taking all this into play as well!

Within this TV show I watched they stated 'The cardinal rule of dating is never like someone more then they like you'. In my opinion, if this is your motto then you are settling for second best, and I'm quite sure in the rest of your life, settling for second best is not one of your aims.

If we abide by any rules they should be:
Give what you would like to get from a relationship (not a sexual innuendo): respect, loyalty, affection...
Put a price on yourself: if you don't respect yourself, then no-one else will either
Refrain from lies, and games

"You Come To Love Not By Finding The Perfect Person, But By Seeing An Imperfect Person Perfectly"- Sam Keen

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