Saturday, January 5, 2013

20 New Years Resolutions

  1.   Learn the cup song
  2.   Do the ‘Party Rock Anthem’ dance in public
  3. Take a leap of faith
  4.  Forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it
  5. Help someone without wanting anything in return
  6.  Do something that scares the shit out of me
  7. Make someone laugh
  8.  Learn to do push ups without my arms turning to jelly
  9.   Learn the alphabet... backwards
  10.  Learn to sing a song in a different language (even if I don’t understand what you’re singing about)
  11.  Learn the capitals of 10 places in the world... Be able to point them out on the map
  12. Invent a new word... (make it cool) ;)
  13. Start to learn a new language
  14. Visit somewhere I’ve never been
  15.  Say “I’m happy for you..” and truly mean it
  16.   Every night I go out, I must come home with my shoes!
  17.  Announce in an elevator “I’m wearing new socks”, wait for the response
  18.  Find the secret to eternal life
  19. Make Margate a ‘happening place to be’
  20. Win the lotto


  1. number 11 is gonna be a trickey one.

    1. Lol! I know yea! ;) this years resolutions are tough ones

  2. Ha! Ha! Jessie, did she not tell you about her present of a world globe she got for her birthday last year? She now knows the world is round, and there's lots of countries on it that she never knew existed :)

    Best of luck with the list Grace love Mam x

    1. cheers mam! i look real clever now! :P ive already started working on a few tasks, shouldn take too long to get done... ill put off num11 for a while X

  3. Number 21. sing a duet with my dad after his eaten his dinner.