Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pain & Defeat

We can work hard to avoid pain and defeat, and the intention of this blog is not to ruin the ending, but everything will be okay either way.  Don’t try to escape the realities of the present moment.  The pain and defeat contained within the present is key to our growth in the long term.  If you take nothing from any of this, than remember this much, there is a variation between encountering defeats, and being defeated, and nothing ever truly goes away until it has taught us what we needed to know. Then we can move forward to our next step. ‘You cannot start a new chapter in a book if you keep re-reading the previous one’.

What if by aiming to shield and protect yourself from pain, you are inevitably crippling yourself from fun, from adventures, from the chance to be happy?

And what if what you are in fact missing is: now? Is making memories? Is life?

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