Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

I found a challenge on the internet that said if you can find three simple things that make you happy then you are an easily pleased, happy-go-lucky person.

So here it is, my three simple things that make me happy.

1) EGGS!!! In any form: boiled, poached, fried, scrambled... you name it, I want it! Eating a wooping 12-16 eggs a week there is no food that makes me happier! :)

2) Clean Bedsheets: anyone who knows me at all knows I probably spend half my life in my bed (not a sexual innuendo!). I literally can't get enough of being in/on a bed! Whether it's sitting/lying on bed writing college stuff, watching movies, eating food, or generally chilling, nothing beats the smell of fresh bed sheets! Especially when you're getting into them for a snooze and the lovely fresh smell is nice and soothing! Heaven! <3

3) Cuddles!: they come in all shapes and sizes, and yet they always fit! :) A good cuddle can cure anything, and always makes me happy! <3

If you find someone who's willing to combine the three then you've hit the jackpot!!!


  1. Ah you're so cute Grace! Sounds like it doesn't take much to please you. Although that's an awful lot of eggs!

  2. Scrambled eggs with a knob of butter! NOM NOM NOM!

    1. that's filthy amy... i prefer to not eat my eggs of peoples genitals!! :D haha

  3. I gave you an award, check it out here