Monday, January 24, 2011


Today was a lovely reminder of how the weather will be. In these cold months we need something to keep us warm! Brighter, warmer spells awaken our happy thoughts in the knowledge that something better is coming soon! SPRING!!! Before we know it will be upon us :) Sometimes we forget in these dark months that something beautiful lies ahead, and it's worth the wait!

Changing Leaves

The changing leaves of autumn colored brightly red and gold,
Also bring a warning of the coming winter cold.
As the wind is changing from the milder summer breeze,
You can feel the difference as it echoes through the trees.

As I shuffle down the path leading through the park,
As the days grow shorter now and soon it will be dark.
I realize that life is like the seasons we live through,
Life is like the changing seasons always changing too.

Basking in the warmth of life in the summer sun,
Never giving thought to when these summer days are done.
But before we realize the cold wind starts to blow,
And our basking summer sun turns colder with the snow.

Only then we realize that life has changed so fast,
Only then we realize that nothing ever lasts.
Life goes through the seasons as the years accumulate,
Many times we long for summer when it is too late.

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