Sunday, January 23, 2011


Defined as:
1. A curious type of female typically found living in urban settings; possessing an unusual, some would say deathly, fear of growing up.
2. One who is single; having experienced her fair share of martini hangovers and painfully awkward what's-your-name-again conversations that tend to occur in the wee morning hours.
After reading an amazing book 'Singletini', I got to thinking about many aspects of the singletini... Some of these singletinis have the most glamorous jobs, and genuinely don't need men..
Within this book the singletinis work as 'wingwomen', basically entailing they go out to bars with men they don't know and try hook these men up with women. They get paid €20 an hour with all the drinks they want paid for the night!
Not too shabby a job eh?.... Who knows, it could be my next big calling! With lower prices of course ;)

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