Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not So 'Nicey Icey'

As the recent temperatures in Vasa have increased, and after our wonderfully plentiful rain yesterday the whole town has now turned into an oversized ice-rink. Not so fun!! Especially when I completely creamed myself on the way to the shop. Replaying the event in my head I'm laughing but at the time it hurt like hell, and and I'm sure the people watching got a good kick out of it too! ;) That's definitely going to leave a mark...

I have new found sympathy for the man on the RTE news.


  1. Im nearly wetting myself here thinking of you. I hope you practice what you preach and did what you told me to do at Christmas "Just go down, dont struggle with it Mam" Ha! Ha!

  2. aww mam thats exactly what i was thinking about too so i just went down and didnt struggle! ;)